Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is becoming more popular all the time and the investment is often in the thousands of pounds. But how do you protect your investment and your leather suite?

Our leather cleaning service utilises the latest processes and techniques to ensure that your leather suite looks at it's best for as long as possible. Not only will the cleaning process remove the general inground grime that builds up over time, we can also remove marks from the leather such as denim and ink.

There are many different types of leather so prior to commencing any leather cleaning process, we identify the type of leather your furniture is constructed from and recommend the best and safest method of cleaning.
Leather protection is very similar to carpet and upholstery protection, but because of the nature of leather it is even more important.
Once leather has stained and the moisture has wicked into the hide, it is generally impossible to remove without major restoration and recolouring

Furniture Reupholstery

Your upholstery will, over time, begin to slip downward, creating more unseemly creases in the material. However, it is often part of a furniture suite that you don’t want to replace with a newer model, making reupholstery the best option. During the service, we will re-pad the cushions, re-spring the upholstery, replace the foam, remove crease marks, rejuvenate the colour, and replace broken struts. We guarantee that when you get it back, you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

Leather Repairs

The beauty of leather sofas and chairs is that, unlike fabric suites, leather suites can always be repaired. Give our technicians a call for free, no obligation advice on what to do before attempting the leather repair yourself. We may be able to point you in the right direction for self-repair, or, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, our team will come out and examine the damage. Often, minor leather damage – including, cuts, holes, and scratches – can be repaired and recoloured at the premises without any need to take the furniture to our workshop.

Leather Restoration

Leather wears out over time, marks and cracks appear and the lacquer and colour starts coming off, is this the end of your suite? No, our leather restoration technicians have years of experience in all aspects of furniture restoration and can bring your suite back to "as new" condition.

Proficient Leather Care

Leather is an organic substance and though it is very hard-wearing and durable, it does need a bit of care and attention from time to time. At LIONHEART Leather Care & Repair, in Newcastle and Northumberland, we offer a leather care service that will keep your furniture in great condition.

Leather Types we Clean, Restore and Repair

  • Pigmented

  • Rub-off

  • Semi-Aniline

  • Aniline

  • Pull-up

  • Bi-Cast

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